SZIF - State Agricultural Intervention Fund

Digital strategy of the prominent employer image, new career website

Project Mnager

Martin Hobrland


The State Agricultural Intervention Fund decided to reconsider the current situation in the field of its image of a prominent employer. As a result, it was important to create a completely new digital strategy for SZIF as an employer. The primary focus was on potential candidates and partly on the public.


Deloitte Digital did qualitative research among SZIF’s employees in Prague and Brno and proposed a new strategy based on these findings. The proposal was validated with the client and then tested again in the form of a qualitative research in the primary target group. The results were used to create a digital strategy, which will be used across all SZIF’s activities in the field of HR and for the Fund’s image of a prominent employer. A new career website was developed upon this strategy.


SZIF is starting to implement the HR and Employer’s Image Strategy across the relevant communication channels. Furthermore, SZIF proceeded to the development of a career website, which fully complies with the current trends in HR.


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