Škoda Auto

Detailed plan of the activities for a digital global strategy

IT Strategy

Project Mnager

Pavel Špryňar


The company defined a new global company strategy 2025. The IT department is the key influencer and supporter to the vision. IT wants to become ready and plans the steps needed to become ready in 2020. The areas of development: Crucial competence, Organisation structure and capacities, Processes, Technology, Delivery model, Budgets for Opex and Capex.


We started collecting the material from key business and IT structured meetings based on our own Framework and Deloitte IT operating model. The future status blueprint, definition of the delta between the current and the future status, a high-level quantification, a cultural challenge, external trends and the comparison of future competitors and identification of the key factors of the future activities and definition of next steps .


Detailed document describing the current status and current issues, proposed future status (IT operating model) with identified risks, detailed initiative description and a transition plan.


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