Koupelny Ptáček

Audit B2B

Project Mnager

Pavel Špryňar


Ptáček – velkoobchod, a.s., decided to increase the quality of its services by innovating its IT solutions. One of its key initiatives consisted in the implementation of a missing B2B commerce.


Deloitte Digital analysed the information handed over by the company and validated the facts with a contractor who was delivering the IT solution. Deloitte identified the true state of the running IT projects, described their progress and key issues. Furthermore, Deloitte analysed the B2B commerce solution selected from the perspective of business needs. Deloitte suggested multiple possible scenarios of how to handle the current situation and presented possible benefits, negative aspects and risks associated with each suggested scenario.


As a result of Deloitte’s findings, the company launched a project crisis management which led to a successful closure of the projects. Furthermore, Ptáček decided to create a new digital strategy which should serve as key supporting material with respect to the rationale of future investment decisions.


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