Kavalier Glass

E-commerce transformation

Project Mnager

Pavel Špryňar


The aim was to lower dependency on multiple key customers (market and distribution chains) by developing an e-shop which would enable direct sales to its end customers. The company focused on effective operation towards corporate clients but it was lacking B2C marketing, sales or logistics.


We recommended implementing 15 activities within 4 key initiatives. Brand promotion and online marketing (strategy, communication plan for digital channels, web adjustments, paid online advertisement, point of contact for each region, etc.) Online sales – B2C (B2C by means of cooperation with suitable business partners and widen the B2B platform into single B2C regions). Online sales - B2B (introduction of a new online B2B platform, implementation of EDI for big purchasers and daughter companies, localisation at all channels)Supporting activities (B2C customer and product segmentation, regional and national plans).


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