České dráhy

B2B sales and e-commerce (Proof Of Concept)

Project Mnager

Pavel Špryňar


České dráhy has been continually trying to improve in the eCommerce sector. While creating a new website for B2C customers, the company has decided to explore additional channels and markets that it could pursue.


During the analysis, Deloitte Digital has uncovered many new options and possibilities for České dráhy to pursue. We found out that it was nearly impossible for foreign customers to find the company’s website, and purchase a ticket. We have also found several third-parties profiting on this shortcoming by targeting foreign customers and reselling the tickets at a profit of 300-500%. Our recommended solution to this issue was to target these customers directly.


We ran a small budget online marketing (PPC) pilot campaign, where we targeted foreigners on behalf of České dráhy. In this pilot we achieved an average weekly ROI of 628% and a peak daily ROI of over 1718%. In light of these findings, České dráhy changed their business strategy in order to attract more foreign customers directly through their own channels.


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