Česká Pošta

Digital strategy for social network communication

Project Mnager

Irena Pažitná


The Czech Post faced the challenge of how to build a presence on on-line channels and social networks. There were multiple groups and unofficial profiles on Facebook that damaged the brand and PR of the Czech Post mostly by presenting incorrect information. The Czech Post evaluated potential risks of entering online communication and social networks mainly because of this experience.


Deloitte’s team guided the client through the process of entering into the social network space. We delivered a competitive analysis of similar organisations on the Czech market as well as those from abroad. The next step covered web listening to collect hard facts for the communication strategy design. The main result was the initiation of the Czech Post’s Facebook profile. The Czech Post was ready to run the profile based on the communication strategy, plan, new organisation and modified internal processes.


The project defined the need for an editorial team and content delivery process. The communication plan has covered the initial 6 months and resulted in attracting ambassadors, who currently balance and actively comment negative posts. Part of Deloitte’s delivery was also an FAQ application enhancing Facebook functionality.


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