Bosch Diesel

Audiovisual production for internal communication

Project Mnager

Martin Hobrland


Bosch Diesel was in the middle of another wave of introducing Industry 4.0 technologies in its production plant in Jihlava. Thus, it was essential to explain not only to ordinary employees what Industry 4.0 actually means, but also how, in the past, technologies helped make work easier, monitor the functioning of specific machinery or increase occupational safety.


As an optimal means of internal communication, video spots were chosen, in which actual operational managers appeared who participated in the development and introduction of new technologies the employees are already familiar with. In a short spot, showing a very personal approach, each of the managers introduced his project and named its benefits.


The project resulted in filming and producing videos in 2017 and 2018. Czech and English versions. The videos are used for internal and HR communication.


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