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We are a new model of a digital agency. Deloitte Digital was set up a few years ago as part of the global Deloitte network. Being a part of Deloitte gave us a silver spoon in analysis expertise, and an enormous source base from around the globe that any of our clients can benefit from. As a cutting-edge technology firm, we focus on disruptive changes, customer-centric approach, creativity and – guess what – reliability.

We offer solutions on a local and global basis with the help of disruptive digital strategies, innovative approaches… and our excitement for technological changes, and creativity, which means to us not only a great idea, a video or an attractive graphic design. We understand creativity as a way of thinking from the very beginning to the end. We believe in trust, because it is the basis for everything. And trust is gained through responsibility. Whatever we do, we always keep in mind the end product quality being delivered on time.


As of now we are looking for team mates from the area of

Junior / Senior SAP developer

Junior / Senior Java developer

UI Designers

IT / Data / Functional Analysts

Project Managers

True. We are part of a corporation. However, within our team we maintain the spirit that is common everywhere, where new things and approaches are born. You’ll be equipped with a new MacBook. You may take advantage of home office. Our aim is that both parties be happy.

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Our business partners and technology platforms

We are a partner to the Hybris platform and SAP. We have a global partnership with Apple Computer and Adobe Digital Marketing. We are the main partner for the Workplace technology of Facebook. Also, we have concluded an advanced partnership with Amazon Web Services.


Selected Projects

Here are a few of the projects we have worked on. They give you an overview of what we do, and also may give you a hint as to whether you could take advantage of similar approaches and solutions.


Introducing Deloitte Digital team leaders. Do not hesitate to contact them in case of questions, offerings or job-related topics. They are nice people, and will be happy to assist you.

Team Leaders

Strategy. Creative. Technology. One hundred percent digital.